The Warrior’s Way Trailer (2010) HD

The best action parts of this movie have been graciously boiled down into a trailer format.  The concept of ninjas in the Wild Wild West was not given enough air time, even though it was the enticing feature.  The story itself is light on substance, rarely serious, but at times entertaining.  This is worth a look in the rental section.

First Post, Ahoy! And a review of Posterous.

I am trying out Posterous to see how it stacks up against the heavyweights.  I definitely see potential in their media uploader, although I wish it had a “drag-and-drop from my desktop to webpage” feature onto this web based form.

Yay this is me hanging out in Seattle!


The other new kicker about Posterous is their blog via email feature, although I don’t see why they need to brag about it.  Even Tumblr has this feature in addition to allowing one to post from some unheard of location, like your SMS or your Iphone app.  Although, on the plus side, you can easily add tags via email — brilliant and simplistic!  I’m not such a huge fan of email, after having to babysit it all day for work purposes.  Although email is also a great liberator of all these custom web based blogging forms!

Frankly, I am a midge disappointed by this blogging platform.  I had huge expectations from their slogan that said to me: upload a bunch of media and text, and we’ll do the blogging for you!  Posterous, if you turn my tweets, texts, pics, urls into a coherent, front-page newspaper splash — then you’ve got a friend for life. I also expected the iphone app to allow me to multi-select pictures I want to upload at the same time.  I think the facebook app allows for that.

Unfortunately, it appears to be mostly a slight variation of the recurring theme that is blogging platforms today.  I definitely appreciate the responsiveness and slickness of the web UI, compared to say Blogger or WordPress.  This platform approaches Tumblr in terms of the aesthetics without sacrificing depth of the content displayed.

When I tried to import my LiveJournal content over to Posterous, all I got was a link that said my content was imported.  Well, that’s prePosterous!  Although that appeared to fail completely, they are the only platform I know of that even offers a native import feature.  I really hope they make it work for LJ.  I got my blogger articles to move over quite smoothly.

I am looking forward to uploading strange and unusual media formats to see how this platform handles the beautification thereof.



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