Run Haskell on Xen – No Operating System Required!

From the company’s announcement:

What might you do with a HaLVM? Pretty much anything you want. 🙂 Explore designs for operating system decomposition, examine new notions of mobile computation with the HaLVM and Xen migration, or find interesting network services and lock them inside small, cheap, single-purpose VMs.

The seems similar to the Mirage, which we previously covered here. Mirage is based on Objective Caml instead of Haskell, but has a similar goal: creating an ultralight OS layer for cloud applications.


Galois has released the Haskell Lightweight Virtual Machine today. The VM, released under a BSD license, allows users to run Haskell programs in Xen “on bare metal.” Users will boot right into the Haskell application.

Very cool combination of functional programming language and OS. This is a rarer combination of rare parts.

"Utopian" Detroit sign modification


Reminiscent of Bioshock.

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