ibrii – my favorite content sharing plugin (also compared to Amplify)

Ibrii is a wonderful note-taking, scrap book making, and blogging tool that supports a few platforms.

What I Loved:

  • being able to snip text, photos, videos off the internet as if it were a magazine
  • a virtual scrapbook where I can organize my scraps in any order
  • adding text between any snipped media to supplement my “scraps”

What I found lacking:

  • Posterous integration is only coming soon
  • Doesn’t support enough platforms
  • There’s no ability to markup images
  • Forming a blog is still fairly linear.  There’s not an easy way to create a page that is more magazine-like
I’m hoping their Posterous integration is more integrated than Amlify’s.  Compared to Amplify, ibrii wins hands down.  

Amplify’s features in comparison
  • Supports Posterous and many more platforms, but their snippets are taken blockquotes instead of doing a true embedding.  
  • There is no customization in the editing panel
  • Amplify will just organize my snips in the order I clicked them
  • There is just a separate box for my comments, with no way to add comments between pictures. 



What is ibrii? (O4) from ibrii on Vimeo.


Open Chrome Tabs for Charity


The great thing about Chrome is how fast I can open tabs. Now there is a wonderful purpose to sitting here and opening as many as I possibly can!  This also keeps tabs on just how much web surfing I’m doing (pun intended).

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