Deleted Scenes From This Week

I’ve been on a quest to fill up my ipod with music, when the Pandora and Turntable of today have turned me into a music prey rather than a music hunter.  Switching back is hard work, especially since I’ve discovered some of my favorite bands could easily be just any guy on the internet with a synth and a computer.  This is truly the age of electronica, when having an analog meat-space band has become obsolete.  Dare I dream of it being a Brave New World of democratic electronica?  I think it might be here already.

A MIXTAPE for you:
U.S. Killbotics – Winter is coming
Opiuo – Robo Booty
RATATAT – Mirando

I’ve just about exhausted Spotify’s Related Artists sections for new material.  I’ve also tried the same on Zune and

Lately, I’ve had great luck farming from

When all else fails, I will venture forth into the dungeons of Bandcamp.

Fast Forward >>

It’s a gray, cold summer in Seattle and I’m sitting at the doctors’ office waiting for my immunization.  My nurse bustles in and most likely sees my distaste for needles, and she assures me without the slightest hint of arrogance, “I am very good.”  And she was.

Fast Forward >>

“You will be seeing Hiro today,” The receptionist guides me to my seat. She tells me with emphasis,  “He is very good.”

Two Japanese woman gossip over their gelled nails, in that breathy, nasal pitched tone. I cannot see them, but I am picturing anime women in my minds’ eye.  Hiro, my stylist — no, The Artist, eyes me critically through the mirror.  He is dressed in a purple t-shirt and has a twisted lob of hair that gathers at a side of his forehead.  He flicks his head and sends the forehead plait bobbing.  

Fast Forward >>

A middle aged woman is scanning my over-priced items at Whole Foods.  I am imagining she herself does not shop there.  Then I see a look in her eye, as if reading my thoughts and as if shaming me for my indulgence.  Then I realize, with a tinge of bitterness, that she and all the cashiers could be replaced by some software and one developer for maintenance.  This is not the first time the thought has crossed my mind under similar circumstances, which in itself also bothers me.

Fast Forward >>

I log into my Google+ only to confirm what I had already known all along: Google+ is an absolute ghost town. This is a sad cautionary tale of when too many engineers get together and lose touch with other humans.

I’m going through Week 3 of Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction course on  When an existential moment hits me and I realize that this course is better renamed to “Introduction to Human-Human Interaction for Humans that have Lost Touch with Humanity.”  The irony as it applies to myself is not lost on me.  I’m also frustrated by how common sense the material seems to be, so I unenroll for the first time on Coursera.

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