A List of (List of) Reading Lists

I may not have a shortage of books to read, but my greed to add more to my reading burden is infinite.  I’ll be looking forward to combing through these lists to add more to my collection.



2011 Retrospective in e-books

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Via Shelfari, I’ve been tracking my information diet for a few years now.  Per usual, I am spending the majority of my time on my favorites: fantasy and literature.  I’d say that in retrospect, 2011 was a very good year in that I read 8 very good books out of the 35, of which I highly recommend!

Year 2011 was also the reading year in which I made a full conversion to reading digitally.  Between reading books on the Kindle 3, Safaribooksonline on the PC/mac/iPad, I found that my reading speed and comprehension are greatly enhanced.

I’ve also discovered the great joy of audiobooks to help me trudge through difficult parts of books or to give some reprieve for my eyes.  Audible’s introductory message of “audio books on tape” always makes me smirk.  It seems neither mediums “books” nor “tape” are relevant any longer!

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