ibrii – my favorite content sharing plugin (also compared to Amplify)

Ibrii is a wonderful note-taking, scrap book making, and blogging tool that supports a few platforms.

What I Loved:

  • being able to snip text, photos, videos off the internet as if it were a magazine
  • a virtual scrapbook where I can organize my scraps in any order
  • adding text between any snipped media to supplement my “scraps”

What I found lacking:

  • Posterous integration is only coming soon
  • Doesn’t support enough platforms
  • There’s no ability to markup images
  • Forming a blog is still fairly linear.  There’s not an easy way to create a page that is more magazine-like
I’m hoping their Posterous integration is more integrated than Amlify’s.  Compared to Amplify, ibrii wins hands down.  

Amplify’s features in comparison
  • Supports Posterous and many more platforms, but their snippets are taken blockquotes instead of doing a true embedding.  
  • There is no customization in the editing panel
  • Amplify will just organize my snips in the order I clicked them
  • There is just a separate box for my comments, with no way to add comments between pictures. 



What is ibrii? (O4) from ibrii on Vimeo.

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