Free pulp fiction ebook: The Great Secret


This is a rare case of quality, classic pulp fiction combined in a free digital package. While fans of physical media can purchase this book for under $10, the digital version is free as it should be. This is a collection of four individual, galactic adventure stories from early era of science fiction, reminiscent of early BattleStar Galactica and Star Trek. This is a quick read, packed with action, and not heavy on the didactic.

Google plays follow the leader into the crowded ebook space


Great, just what I needed: another e-book platform to distract me from reading. Since I don’t have a reading tablet and I don’t read on my PC, I guess Google’s foray into this space hardly affects me.  I highly doubt I would do actual reading on a tablet, since it offers so many distractions!  It will take a significant amount of innovative excellence to sway the likes of me over to yet another gadget.  I am close though.

Some of the biggest bummers for me:

  • Google e-books won’t be compatible with the Kindle
  • Google books uses Adobe DRM
  • The iphone app is wickedly sluggish and the app doesn’t have an in-app store.  I do not like going to Safari for anything.  There must be an app for it!
  • When are they going to bring an app to the Windows 7 Phone (even though I have an iphone)?

Things I like:

  • I am excited to have easier access to Google’s free books.  I’m a big reader of the freebies, so I’ll take it.
  • Cross platform bookmark memory (which does not work according to other blogs)

Things I want:

  • A better social reading experience than what Copia is attempting at.  Allowing easy “online book club” experience for a social group
  • Better access to scholarly annotations or allowing educators to create teaching editions
  • Syncronized notes across platform even for books that are not distributed by the e-book provider.
  • Better aesthetics, like fonts, spacings, decorations that are typical to print editions. 

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