GitHubbing and Coursera

Yay, I finally caved and bought my subscription to GitHub. I'm still not sure what the true benefit of it is, besides being able to finally get some private repos.

I'm nearing the end of the Computing for Data Analysis class by John Hopkins University and the Statistics One class by Princeton. ??Both have been a very neat crash course on R programming for me. ??I definitely need to brush up more on my statistics and probability. ??So I'm also following the Biostatistics Bootcamp Coursera also offered from John Hopkins. ??All this math has resurfaced painful memories of college and how shabby my math fundamentals are. ??I think I will likely be brushing up on those as well, as soon as they are Coursera'd.

I have some vague notion that I need to learn more math and review all my forgotten ECE maths these days. ??I want to finally have a solid understanding of eigenvectors and matrix algebra and be able to fluidly move around those constructs in some math software package. ??I'd also like to get much better at conceptualizing massive data in my mind. ??I think I'm moving at the speed of molasses towards these personal flags.

Somehow, learning math still seems more attainable than making a simple video game or some little pet project. I'm hoping that very soon I'll do something so that I might claim I have it as a hobby. ??I'm using the projects from Berkeley's CS188 on EDX and CS61A as inspiration. ??Feeling rather burnt out tonight though and haven't made much progress there. ??I don't know if I rather crunch hospital data more because it's easier or if I just like data crunching.

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  1. bytex64
    Oct 11, 2012 @ 00:10:54

    As near as I can tell, the only benefit of a personal subscription to github is supporting github.


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