Open Questions for the World at Large

I keep making a mental note of setting up a series of posts in the style of McSweeney’s, but all I’ve got so far is a modern day un-“fairy tale” swirling about in the shallow parts of my brain…  I’m pretty sure it’s been done, but I wish I had an algorithms doing this type of checking for me.


Are early-stage startup employees just a glorfied version of the unpaid, liberal arts intern?  Given a generous statistic indicating that 9/10 startups fail, how are these two opportunities much different in the average case?


The End of the Future” by Peter Thiel indicates a general sentiment that is beginning to creep into my own thoughts.  


I keep waxing back and forth on whether the global economy is headed towards a major depression or towards high inflation.  It seems without doubt that the world has reached peak oil, global warming, and maxing out what institutional structures were intended for i.e. the Eurozone currency crisis.   


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