A Lone Celebration

Since this is the time of the year when the pair bonding ritual is blazenly celebrated, I’m going to go on a somewhat contrary path. I want to celebrate the ending of relationships, for which I am personally thankful for.

Cheers to:

  • The end of my draining relationship with being constantly on instant messenger.  This is the first step to taking back control of my time for its primary customer — me.
  • The end of my physically abusive relationship with my Macbook Air, as in, I no longer use it as my primary computer.  Now I don’t have the constant neck and shoulder pain.  I never gave ergonomics much of a thought until I started having a constant feeling of mild pain.  Once I realized that I can adjust my desktop to the best possible configuration for my health, health regained! 
  • The end of caring what everyone else is doing, caring what everyone else is achieving, being taken advantage of by power-hungry sociopaths, and feeling envious or demoralized.  
  • The consummation of my compulsions for video games, movies, tv.  

Overall, I am most happy that my time is 100% mine and not to be compromised for anyone else.  


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. bytex64
    Feb 20, 2012 @ 19:22:22

    I’m proud of you, Nancy. 🙂


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