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I've been having a blast lately rediscovering audiobooks as a distinct media form. ??By combining audio listening while on the go and reading on the Kindle, I've doubled my consumption rate of literature compared to last year when I was only using a Kindle! ??In only two months into the new year, I've been able to reach the halfway point of this year's reading goals — which, of course, I've now set higher! ??This puts me back to a respectable 18% completion! ??Perhaps, if I can continue at my current rate of 100 books per year, I should be able to read 7000 books before I die. ??That should well enough cover my reading bucket list!

So, out of the many legal platform choices for audiobooks out there, none of them seem to be fully featured…

We have Overdrive Media, which serves as the platform for most libraries and Barnes & Noble. ??OverDrive has a better PC software that will have the audio divided up into sensible 'chapter' locations — whereas Audible has nothing of that sort. ??Overdrive updated their Windows Phone app to Mango, so now you can listen to books in the background, just as it should be. ??

Amazon's Audible certainly has the price point advantage over Barnes & Noble. ??I'm tempted to buy my audiobooks from B&N instead just because the delivery platform is better. ??Yet, I have to wonder if my digital media will sink with the ship when some inevitable day Amazon devours B&N?

There's been murmurings of a newcomer to the audiobook territory, Audiobooks.com! ??They boast of a Netflix all-you-can-eat subscription model, which also has me sorely tempted. ??I've got to also wonder what will happen to their customer base if they end up shuttering.

This weekend, I re-read the first Ender's Game via audiobook. ??I can highly recommend this audiobook, as it is among the better books to listen to because of the multiple narrators and general good voice acting. ??I'm also finally reading the second and third books of this series to wrap up what I started so long ago in my youth!

Spoiler Musings Ahead!

The second and third Ender's Game books makes an earnest foray in exploring the??Portuguese??and Chinese culture. ??I'm still having a hard time "disbelieving" the setup where 3000 years after a civilization advanced enough to commit interstellar xenocide and mankind has colonized the far reaches of space via advanced alien technology, there exist entire colonies that have stunted religious and cultural baggage reeking of the 21st century. ??This becomes especially anachronistic by the third book, where ancient Chinese customs from pre-21st century are used as a template for this space colony. ??It seems almost a rule that science fiction should become dated first by the science rather than that of human nature! ??While it is self-admitted that Orson Scott Card himself is not very knowledgeable about Chinese culture, the third book makes this evident by omission when compared against his second novel, where unexplained Portuguese language is sprinkled throughout the novel. ??

/End Spoiler

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