How to get free OverDrive audiobooks on your Windows Phone 7

Getting these free OverDrive audiobooks onto the Windows Phone may not be so straightforward, but it might be worth it if free audiobooks are valuable to you too!

Before you get started, make sure you have a library account from your local library.  You should check with your local library to see if they support ebook and audiobook lending via OverDrive.

First, download the OverDrive Media Console from your Windows Phone

Create a new Adobe Account ID if you do not already have one.  You will need this id for the DRM that comes with the audiobooks or e-books.


From your Windows Phone, open up the OverDrive Media Console to authorize with your Adobe Account ID from the settings.  From OverDrive’s site, there’s a FAQ.


Search for your library or OverDrive source from within the app.  Then login to the OverDrive site with your library account.


Next search for audiobooks by filtering only by mp3 audiobooks.  There doesn’t seem to be support for wma audiobooks on Windows Phone at this time, so you will not find a download link.


Browse and check out the audiobooks you wish, and follow the instructions from there to download your choices.

Rumors have it that Audible should release their Windows Phone app shortly too!  

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