Is this the future?


I wonder what the world will be like when programming is as basic a skill as reading and writing?  Will it truly be a world of brogrammers, hipstergrammers, gothgrammers, etc?  

Will there be anything left to do?  Will it become a world of white collar slavery, as already experienced by China?

Then, will the only high paying jobs available be for those of true artistic genius?  Or only coveted jobs for people with rare artisan skills that cannot be reproduced by machinery?


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  1. bytex64
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 09:17:06

    Programming will never be as common as reading. Reading only requires conceptualizing ideas that are given to you. Programming requires conceptualization and synthesis of ideas to solve problems. It’s like writing fiction. I’ll bet if you looked at the community of programmers versus creative writers, you’d find it’s pretty similar. You could probably say that programming will become as common as writing, in that most people will be able to understand the mechanics well enough to be understood, but only a select few will be good enough at it to make a living.Also, gothgrammer? Please tell me you just made that up.


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