How Lazymeter enables getting stuff done

Lazymeter is at first glance a very simple task tracking tool that has some bells and whistles.  So what is the benefit of using Lazymeter over just notepad or the spartan To-Do list built into Gmail?  


I find that I have many non-trivial, unwieldy goals and similar goals being added every few days, so it’s difficult to track and prioritize goals in a flattened list.  Lazymeter gives me just the few extra features I need, so that task management does give me better efficiency rather than becoming a needless bureacracy in itself.  

There are three task breakdowns, which I have relabelled for myself as: do it now (the play list), do it later (pause list), and too-big-to-swallow goals (stopped list).


So for example, I’ll put a bigger task like “learn arbitrary programming language” in the stop list, then break it down into consumable chunks for the appropriate play and pause lists.   I’ve especially noticed the benefits of this type of tracking when my goals change or when I need to make some diversion to fill a knowledge/skill gap.  Thus, I no longer feel as if I am potentially abandoning a larger goal with some unforseen context switch.  Rather, I’ve tracked the chunks I’ve accomplished and simply deferred tasks later between pause and stop lists.

Then Lazymeter also feeds my infographic desires, by giving me some indication on how well I’m doing according to my plans.  So you can see that I tend to be overly ambitious compared to what I can actually accomplish.  So Lazymeter might be for you if you are the over-ambitious, time-constrained person who needs some help getting things into bite-size pieces.


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