I don’t want to succumb to a defeatist mentality.  This mentality is something I’ve actively tried to eradicate from my life, starting from finding at least one thing positive in even a negative incident to making an effort in noting a small positive trait in other people.  Now, when it comes to having something to say from the ruminating part of my mind, for instance, to bring forth that thought experiment or idea that’s been stewing in some recess of the brain, I just have not found the inner strength to fight defeat.  I cannot overcome that idea that everything interesting and noteworthy has been said. I’ve finally understood the stark reality that writing down an idea has the lowest entry barrier and this statistically will work against someone seeking to break new ground in this area.  Maybe I am late to the party.  Maybe I am stating the most obvious.  But I have just understood that  creating something, something beyond words, is the true domain of creativity — at least a domain that hasn’t had its final word.

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