In Which I Fall Victim to the Brown Bear Twirl

Upon opening my eyes, I saw an endless sky upon endless sky.  I felt no weight, nor the blustering of terminal velocity, but only a faint warning of vertigo. I perceived no comfort in this deceptively calm descent.  Perhaps my anxiety was unfounded, because I gripped bicycle handle bars as if to steer through this freefall.  I looked behind me to see the remainder of the bicycle teetering awkwardly beneath me, like a door upon a broken hinge.  Yet, despite the lack of driving, after a short while my bicycle and I bounced gently upon a gentle green hillside.  Where, in a short distance, a brown bear, standing comically upon its hind legs, lumbered much like a man towards me.  The anthropomorphic bear had no menace about it, even as its gait overshadowed and it height towered over my being.  Without warning, the bear took hold of my handle bars and began to spin me and my ride around in a circle.  And equally suddenly, he released us and we were lifted back into the sky.


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