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“Today, we’re here about transformation. We’re here to transform ourselves beyond our hunger,”  Our instructor Evgeny was possibly the least dead among the five of us: Darren, Marvin, Jeff, and I made up the remaining of this cohort.  We formed a semi-circle around our leader.

Evgeny continued, “I’m here to help you live again.  You might say, ‘Evgeny, how is that possible? Everyone knows that once you’ve become undead, you can not be alive again.’  Well I am telling you now that the difference between life and death is a matter of being.  Today, I will help you transform from being that shambling hulk of death to something alive again.”

Marvin nodded and grunted.

Darren growled unconvinced, “I am hungry.”

“Darren, why are you here,” Evgeny had piercing eyes that did not loll about his head or drift apart as he spoke.  He did not even drool as he spoke.  If you were absolutely raving hungry, you might have confused him for food.

“I am always hungry,” Darren gnashed his teeth, “I have a distant memory that I was not always this hungry.  Perhaps I could do something besides wander around aimlessly for a fresh meal.  Perhaps that is all I am.  I am confused by so many thoughts in my head.” 

There was a rumbling and shuffling of agreement about the room.  Evgeny turned to me and urged me to speak.

“I find it hard to speak. I feel nothing but blinding rage and hunger.  What if I could express myself?  Maybe I would not feel as hungry.”

Marvin took his turn, “I have a different problem guys.  I don’t feel excited to eat human flesh anymore, so I end up wandering around in circles.  There have been weeks where I could hardly break myself out of this vicious cycle.  I’d like to find some way to feel excited by the smell of fresh blood and the art of the kill.”

“Excellent responses! I am hearing a lot of undead resignation in this room,” Evgeny turned to Jeff. “Would you like to share something with us, Jeff?”

Jeff stood unmoving, with his head bowed and arms stiffly at his side. Jeff remained silent for a long time, except for an occasional low-pitched moan. “I do not know.”

Evgeny looked puzzled and probed, “What is a typical day of Jeff?”

A hissing noise, like a release of air came from Jeff, “I look for food. I eat the delicious life and it is so delicious. I feel satisfied.  Until I realize that I am going to be satisfied for eternity.  Something tells me this does not seem right.  Why?  Perhaps the taste of the meat is not quite right…”

“Well, I’m here to help you.” Evgeny smiled at us in something that resembled attractiveness.  “We are going to take this hunger and transform it into something else.  You see, your hunger is what the living experience until they die. There is absolutely no reason to consider ourselves any less living than they are.  We are, perhaps, much more vital because of how much more eternal a hunger we experience!

“These distant memories, these doubts of identity, occur when we start to believe that perhaps we were once “living” and now we are in some limbo state of “not living.” I say, reject this past.  The past does not define you. Regardless of what you thought living used to be, being alive is just a mental thing.

“Go forth, friends of flesh and blood.  Go forth and live!

Oh, and remember, we meet again next week.”

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  1. bytex64
    May 13, 2011 @ 09:06:59

    I like this story and the previous one a lot. It’s a very unusual and interesting take on zombies. Fresh, even, which seems like a strange thing to say about zombies. 🙂


  2. Anonymous
    May 16, 2011 @ 07:21:51

    thanks! i’m still trying to figure out the next story that you gave me the idea for!


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