Resolutions of 2011

I’m always making resolves of some sort throughout the year and never really accomplishing them.  I suppose now is the time to fully embrace this habit.  This years’ goal is really a continuation of all previous years’ goals.


I would like to learn enough Chinese so that I can read Chinese Engadget without a lot of dictionary aid.  Currently, I need to look up more than 90% of the words in an article.  I’d like to get this down to 10%.


My current goal is to create one free Windows Phone Silverlight app.  I’ve got several ideas for apps that I see are missing.  This might take up most of my spare developing time.  If I have time left over from regular apps, then I want to create a Windows Phone game.  I haven’t been struck with a good game idea so far.


I’d like to not lose any more money in the stock market, thus setting a personal precedent.  I need to figure out how to better filter information from my financial news sources. 


I will continue to furiously read through my massive Kindle book collection.  This year I’m focusing on Economics, ancient Roman history, and ancient Greek philosophy.


I will write better.  There’s a few ways I can practice writing, but I think they each require distinct styles of writing.  I can blog more (a habit I’ve lost), work on fanfiction (although I’m not currently a fan of anything), or work on a novel offline. 


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