I subscribed to Urge for windows media player 11.  I’ve got the full access without the to-go option, which means I get unlimited computer downloads for $10/mon.  My favorite features are

  • the sync to my download history button, which means that since I have three computers I use alot, I can just sync it and have all the music I’ve gotten before whereever I am. 
  • The music is in .wma, so I can listen to it in winamp if I want.  I didn’t like how itunes has files I couldn’t use outside of itunes. 
  • unlimited downloads!  There are minor restrictions like certain Black Eyed Peas and the some pop songs still have to be purchased at 99 cents a piece.  I listen to a lot of obscure music that you just can’t find anywhere else, that can be a lot pricier to get by cd.  If you only listen to the latest and greatest in pop, I wouldn’t recommend the subscription.  But if you listen to more than 10 new songs per month, you’re getting a better deal than at the tradition pay-per-song model.  I know napster has a subscription model too, but it doesn’t work on my laptop.  Boo hoo.
  • I can stream songs directly from Urge, and add them to my saved playlists without having them downloaded.  If you’re running low on space or you just want to try out the music, the stream features works just as well as having it in storage. 

Gametap has forsaken me!!   It doesn’t work on either of my laptops.  I wrote Gametap an email about it not working on Vista, but they responded and said they don’t support it yet.  Bummer.

ghero2 here i come

I HAS AN XBOX. Finally. gtag = sn.


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