Some truck slid out of its parking spot and put a little bump in the back of my parked car, but they left their info and everything like a benevolent person should. Hm.. I think I’m happy that it was just that and nothing awful. I’m not even gonna pursue it. Cars just sit there like some trophy spouse and eat up all my money and then cause me so much grief. I kinda wish that it weren’t so convenient to have them the other 90% of the time!!

Ok so the rainy rainess of eternity is actually seattle setting a record for itself as being even rainier than it’s known to be. So hooray! I think? Maybe the rain and ice and snow really is a fluke.

YUCK my food blows. I can’t cook fried tofu. Somehow it manages to explode boiling oil everywhere, probably short of catching on fire. Everytime I add a new ingredient, it’s a new culinary disaster…


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