just thought i’d mention

Am extremely antisocial lately and did not entirely enjoy group outings.  Don’t care to go to bars or meet people who go to bars.  Time’s limited, so I’m saving it for someone with more depth, otherwise no need to waste the time.  So to that, I’m going to avoid it all as much as possible for a while.  I can’t help but only want to hang out 1:1 just a little bit…being far more manageable…  Games are piling up against the textbooks.  It’s not that I have a lot of work to do, since I am done all of my assignments and work isn’t causing overtime.  Hundreds of times better than senior year.  There’s just too much I need to know, too much I want to be able to do for work and class, games to play, a few hours of personal time, and I’m left feeling inadequate and out of time in a sea of genius…just an ounce worried i’m not dev calibre…  Waiting for thanksgiving to take a (2 day) break.  Next big break after xmas isn’t until thanksgiving 07′.

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