i should be studying

I’ve got a quiz tomorrow on threading and windows architecture, which I really should be studying for cuz it’s really hard and I don’t quite get it, but I think that in the tradition of college here’s a post instead!  I’ve got a brand new laptop (technically a hand-me-down) from work which is still 100x better than my old laptop.  Gosh, it’s got a resolution of 1920 x 1200, and everything’s so tiny I think I’m going to need to use glasses again.  😀  So now I’ve got a total of 6 machines to play–I mean, do work with. 

Oh yea, 18 days til Zune comes out, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be sold out by the time I even step into the company store.  I went and got a targus laptop backpack for my laptop from there today.  It comes with padding for protection against the day when I decide to throw the laptop out of a moving train.  I think the heavy price tag on the backpack was for the Microsoft logo… or maybe the really good quality backpack.  Heee.  I originally wanted another backpack with a steely hardened compartment to protect against someone smashing their fist into my back or something, but my laptop is a juggernaut…beast–it wont fit. 

This weekend, I want to play Kings Quest V, the old dos game from 1592.  I’m giving GameTap a try for their great collection of abandonware, since I already finished the first episode of Sam & Max (it was awesome btw).  Gametap is kinda cool since you could sign into aim from within the matrix, and technically never leave gametap, ever.  And I want to start playing the old school Nancy Drew games, which gametap does not have yet.  Shame, shame.  There’s nothing like really old games, sometimes.


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