shall i name the ways

oh xanga, i have missed you not. 

My goal by spring is to run 10 miles nonstop on the treadmill!  I’m going to increase by .1 miles or .1 mph everyday.  I know it’s not nearly such a good workout compared to running on terrain, but I’ve gotta get fit before I’m going to be running in public!  This will surely support my once a week Taco Bell dinners and the daily japanese cakes.  I’m not losing the lbs anyways…it’s all muscle, baby.. (smirk).

I’m still watching those desperate housewives.  Season 2 was dismal til the end.. sort of, but now I want to watch it ever more so, again.  I might even watch OC season 3 when I get bored of the ds.  Hopefully it won’t come to that.  I’m actually not enjoying the ds that much.  I don’t like how my neck hurts after a little bit of play.  At least I bought it only for on-the-go boredom, or random multiplayer duals with strangers at work.  Stylus or mouse… it’s all the same to me.. I’m just a heck of a lot better with the mouse.  So for more of those addicting mini-games, I’m now debating whether to get a Real Arcade games subscription so I can abuse the heck out of my ancient laptop. 

oh and shiz before i forget!  i’m upgrading to IE 7 RC1 right now!! as i type this from my firefox browser!!  goodbye firefox… we’ve had a good time these past year and a half, but you’re just not holding up anymore.

Yay games

Woot! I’m gonna get CivCity, Civ4 expansion, Pirates!, World of Warcraft from this!  It’s a good deal, I think.


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