If I were dictator…

I wish there to be no more babies in the world.  Everyone, please get your tubes tied or something.  Adopt and make love to robots, now.  I declare tomorrow to be National No Babies Day.  Also, prisoners should be innoculated with the AIDs virus or be encouraged to pass it around.  Criminals owe a debt to society, so why should society be the one to pay for criminals?  Why do criminals get to be so privileged with medical treatment, video games, weight room, college education, and free anal probing?  How does that deter crime at all?  We are paying them to not rape kids and kill random people?  What? No way!  At least put them in a gulag or cane them five times a day.  I say, let’s rid ourselves of these parasites by using parasitic viruses!  Irony?  Yes, and I am snickering, probably by myself.  Human rights?  Don’t be silly!  American prisons are like four star hotels to people in North Korea.  It’s ridiculous to think that prisoners have it better than the homeless.  It’d be better if we just kill off all criminals or let them die naturally, then use prison space to help the poor and homeless.  No, better yet, have criminals servicing the homeless! Yea!  Vote for me, dictator!


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