It’s like there’s a zombie trying to burst out of my skull and I’m clawing to get it out

I have asorbed all that is 389 pages of Acid Zen Wonder Paint, within two days.  Here’s a favorite quote that I can still find.

In life, you’ve got to look at the silver lining, y’know? There are lots of advantages to being as shockingly ugly as I am.

Like, only blind women will even consider dating me. And guess what? Blind women tend to have great personalities! Take that, handsome men!

Also, whenever I take someone to a nice restaurant, the managementalways offers me several hundred dollars to leave and never come back!They always say, “Sir, take the money and go. There are people tryingto eat seafood here, for God’s sake.”

Oh, and I almost forgot, I always get into movies for free! WheneverI walk up to buy a ticket, the person behind the glass vomits andstarts screaming “GO! JUST GO IN THE THEATER! INTO THE DARKNESS WHEREYOU BELONG!”

The glass is truly half-full!


Today, I came to the stunning conclusion, once again, that I am retarded.  Wiki-ing ROM today just opened up a Pandora’s Box of infinite realization of self stupidity.  D’uhhhhh…


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