Give me liberty or give me food

I have two months left of social, information, personal imprisonment, and then Freedom!  I think the technological backwardness of this place is the most infuriating of all things, like squeezing information toothpaste from the end of the tube.  I can be isolated from, never to  speak to, and never to see parentally unsanctioned people (99.99% of people on Earth) as much as my parents would like.  That’s easy.  Good God, if you have or will soon have or have the potential to have STDs, just leave me alone is my philosophy, at least for the acquaintance crowd that never quite make the cut.  In fact, my levels of misanthropy, misogyny (equal opportunity hater?), and antisocial behavior are reaching an all-time high.  I can’t stand, however, that I simply am not allowed to do anything.  This is the most stifling non-denominational, Puritan household you will find in this decade.  As soon as I am not within physical reach of this stranglehold, you can count on me to just go nuts-o-rama and elope-tastic with Freedom, once again.  The first thing I want to do is everything I am not allowed to do!  Spend money recklessly, not study, and socialize!  Even if I don’t like it!  Ha!  This craze will simply not bode well with all of the Asian brainwashing I’ve suffered for so long.  Clearly, psychotically parental parenting is the most psychotic creation on Earth.  Clearly, it’s ballz.

Er, well, now that I got that out of my system, what I mean to say is, I hope I make a lot of new and great, lifetime friends.  I’m going to save as much of my money for investment as possible.  I will pack a lunch/snack everyday and only eat out on occassion with my new and great lifetime friends.  I’ll exercise, hike, dance, yoga, work out, read, study with my new and great lifetime friends. 


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