Everyday, my brother comes home from school, deals with mom, and comes upstairs to push me over and to tell me to install Fable.  After weeks of bullying from my little brother at precisely 3 pm, he finally managed to distract me long enough to begin installing Fable onto my laptop.  Fable was not meant to be played on this poor machine.  The characters looked fine, but lagged like a 3D MMORPG.  The textures were truly not aesthetic.  Rivers of Urine grace this magical kingdom, where the ground is covered with blinding snow regardless of season… What will you choose?  Good or Evil?  Too bad, I would have liked to play it.

My sister sheds a lot hair.  I think all girls do.  Sometimes, when my brother is bored, he will start collecting a massive pile of hair and dust bunnies, in my sister’s room alone.  At first, he started collecting giant balls of hair, which he’d hurl at my sister, crying “Rasengon! [anime fireball]”  She’d shriek and be repulsed.  I’d watch, laugh, and encourage more recklessness.  Good times!  Lately, he’s been starting to hoard this hair harvest in a small box, which is labelled hazardous waste.  I’m following his disgusting exploits with morbid curiosity: Just how much hair does my sister shed in a month?

Otherwise, life is dull, and centered around my self-study.  I’m starting to read Wikipedia for fun.


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